There are certain occasions in life that are worthy of remembering. A memorial to a much loved and
treasured friend or family member who has passed away is undoubtedly one such occasion.

Floristics 8 makes this possible in a most beautiful way, by means of sympathy flower preservation. Kent based, the method used is dimensional preservation.

This technique involves taking each flower one by one and
drying the individual flower in its entirety. This enables the original structure and form of the flower to
remain, the only subtle changes that may occur overtime could be a slight variation in the colour or tone
due to a reduction in moisture. Are you contemplating sympathy flower preservation? Kent based Sarah-
Jane established her business, run from her very own home, back in the year 1989 and has therefore
acquired decades of experience in this unique form of art.

Sarah-Jane is qualified across the spectrum of horticulture and floristry including such skills as sympathy
flower preservation. Kent, specifically Gillingham, is the base of her home and business and she has
been so successful as to be featured in such magazines as Brides Magazine and has worked at the very
top end of the industry. She has won many awards for her floristry such as sympathy flower
preservation at the Kent Country Show. Her wealth of experience and quality of her work has seen her
receive commissions for such high profile events as royal visits as well as mayoral inaugurations.
Are you considering sympathy flower preservation? Kent customers will be interested to know that when
making the arrangements for a bouquet with your florist that in order to help create the best possible
sympathy flower preservation results it is good to have the flowers either tied or arranged in wet oasis
and avoid using too much wire as it often will bruise the flowers internally resulting in the blooms

decaying from the inside and this is not always easily visible until after sometime. Additionally if you are
considering sympathy flower preservation, Kent customers would do well to note that it is better for your
florist not to use any products that aim to prolong the life of the bouquet or blooms because this can
prevent the ability for the moisture needed to succeed in preserving the flowers.

Floristics 8 do request but any flowers intended to be preserved are received by us within two days after
the event. However if you have flowers that you would like to be preserved and more than two days
have passed please let us know as it may still be possible to carry out the preservation procedure and
we will be able to advise you as to whether we think this is still possible to our high standard. If flowers
are kept in Oasis this will significantly help them to keep fresher for longer and will make it more likely
to be able to preserve the blooms if more than two days have passed since the event.

Funeral flower arrangements are one of the ways by which we show our love for the person we have
lost. Often it takes time and effort in order to choose the right funeral flowers that reflect the way that
we feel, as well as the personality of the person who has passed away. We might select their favourite
flower, or perhaps a flower that represents the qualities and attributes of our loved one that has died.
During the funeral arrangements, the flowers that you have picked not only make the venue look
beautiful, but they are often used to surround the casket, line the steps of the venue, and travel with
the family in the hearse. One option that is designed to go on top of the casket in the funeral home and
during the funeral service, is a casket spray.

This type of arrangement is usually made up of a selection of flowers and colours that were the deceased favourite. Another arrangement of flowers that can be
used during a memorial service are standing floral sprays. They can be displayed at the cemetery,
during the service, and transported to the wake. Many funeral flower arrangements also include
wreaths. These can be shaped in the tradition circle shape, or they can also be fashioned as hearts, and
they can even be designed to depict a scene like the deceased favourite sport.

Whichever flower arrangements that you decide to use for your loved one’s memorial, perhaps you
might wonder what you will do with these flowers after the service is over. You will have spent time
picking the funeral flowers, and they will likely have a special significance for you. Since they have this
sentimental value, you are unlikely to want to discard them, but rather you might want them to be
preserved. Funeral flowers can be preserved in order to keep them as a keepsake, and a reminder of the
dearly departed one.

To create preserved funeral flower arrangements, contact Floristics 8 today! Floristic 8 was established
by Sarah-Jane in 1989 and they are specialists in bridal bouquet and remembrance flower preservation.
Sarah-Jane has preserved funeral flower arrangements for over 32 years, and therefore she is an expert
in the preservation processes that are involved. She will be pleased to advise you on which method will
best suit your requirements. For example, if you would like to create a display that maintains the
original shape and structure of the flowers, then perhaps you would be interested in the 3-D
preservation method. As well as the preserved funeral flowers, this method allows you to incorporate
other materials into the arrangement, such as photographs, berries, and ribbons.

On the other hand, if you would prefer a floral keepsake in a conventional flat frame, then the more traditional method of flat
flower preservation would be likely to suit your needs. Whichever method you choose, preserved funeral flowers are a way in which you can enjoy the memories attached to the flowers for years to come.