Many of us enjoy reminiscing about the memories we have of a special occasion.

We can relive the day through our mind and think about the details that made it so wonderful. With pressed flower preservation, we do not have to rely on just our memories, but we can also have a tangible keepsake that we can look at for many years.

Floristics 8 are the leading provider of flower pressing and framing in Kent. They were established in 1989 by Sarah-Jane, and since then they have built up a reputation for offering a high quality service that can preserve flowers through the process of pressing and framing.

Whether you live in Kent itself, or the surrounding area, Floristics 8 will be pleased to help you. The pressing and framing process in Kent based Floristic 8 begins with dismantling each flower, and each individual petal is then pressed before the flower is carefully reconstructed.

Sarah-Jane is professionally trained in both horticulture and wedding floristry and this training means that she has the knowledge and skilled that are needed in order to complete this specialist work. There are a number of different options for the display of your pressed flowers, for example you can choose from a wide range of frames depending on your personal preferences as well as the amount of wall space that you have available. It is also possible to incorporate script, photographs, ribbons, and some types of berries into the designs.

However, it is worth mentioning that some items and flowers may not be suitable for pressings and framing, but Sarah-Jane at Floristics 8 also offers a 3D flower preservation services that might be more suitable for your requirements. She would be happy to discuss these details with you as well as how the colours of your flowers can be enhanced to create a beautiful picture.

It is clear that you can rely on Floristics 8 for the best flower pressing and framing in Kent! Floristic 8 have been providing a range of flower preservation services for over 31 years. This can give you the confidence that you are using a well established and reputable company. Sarah-Jane is proud to say that the majority of her business comes from recommendations that have been given by previous customers.

You can read a large number of glowing testimonials by viewing the page dedicated to it on the website. It is clear to see why many customers rely on Floristics 8 for flower pressing and framing in Kent. Sarah-Jane has been thanked time and time again for the effort, care, and attention that she gives to each and every job that she receives.

If you are looking for flower pressing and framing in Kent, then contact Sarah-Jane at Floristics 8 today! She will be pleased to speak to you regarding your requirements and give you advice on the best flower preservation process to suit your needs, as well as answer any and all questions regarding pressing and framing that Kent customers may have.