If you are looking for bridal bouquet preservation, then you have come to the right place.

Floristics 8 are the leading provider of bridal bouquet preservation that Kent has to offer.

Floristics 8 was established by Sarah-Jane in 1989. Over the last 33 years, Sarah-Jane has honed her skills and developed a wealth of experience in bridal bouquet preservation. Sarah-Jane is professional qualified in both horticulture and wedding floristry, and it is this knowledge of the construction of flowers that uniquely places her to be able to offer a variety of high quality flower preservation services. With the use of a bridal bouquet preservation process, the happy couple have the opportunity to create a beautiful keepsake of their special day. Once they have been picked, fresh flowers have a very limited life expectancy. This means that no matter how stunning your flower blooms were on your wedding day, without treatment, they will quickly deteriorate and lose their appeal.

However, the bridal bouquet preservation that is offered by Sarah-Jane at Floristics 8 can ensure that you will be able to enjoy your wedding flowers for years to come! You can see a number of comments which highlight the incredible work that Sarah-Jane at Floristics 8 has previously completed for her customers by viewing the testimonials page of the website. What is the process by which the flower preservation is achieved? The first step is to ensure that your fresh flowers get to Sarah-Jane no later than 2 days after your special day. This is because flowers deteriorate rapidly and if they become bruised, wilted, or stressed, the preservation process will be less effective as any damage or changes due to the natural aging process cannot be reversed.

However, once she has received your flowers, Sarah-Jane will ensure that each flower is dried individually, in its entirety. The preservation process maintains the original structure and form of the flower, which means that the shape and structure of your original arrangement can be reconstructed. This will then be displayed in a box frame which creates a stunning picture that you will be able to treasure, reminding you of the memories of your special day.

For quality bridal bouquet preservation that you can rely on, contact Floristics 8 today! Sarah-Jane will be happy to take your call and discuss your individual requirements as well as answer any and all questions that you may have regarding bridal bouquet preservation.

The floristry exhibits that Sarah-Jane has produced have won numerous awards at the Kent Country Show, and she has also been
commissioned to create floral displays for royal visits, openings, as well as mayoral inaugurations. With such a range of experience, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

In addition to bridal bouquet preservation, Floristics 8 also offer a number of other products and services including remembrance flowers, resin art, & jewellery. Why not take a look over the website or give them a call today so see how Floristics 8 can help you?